About Us

About Our Company 

Most coin dealers choose quantity over quality for the coins they offer. Often, customers buy cleaned or overpriced coins due to a combination of poor-market knowledge and sales pressure. Baxter Coins takes the opposite approach. I only offer handpicked, never cleaned, and thoughtfully selected coins. Baxter Coins believes that low margin & high volume beats high margin & low volume - 100% of the time. That means you can find the piece you love for a great price.



Services - Baxter Coins provides client services:

  • Free Appraisals: 
    • Free appraisals are the hallmark of our business. It’s a win-win: we get to see and evaluate your coins (something we love) & you get to know their fair market value. 
  • Sell to Us: 
    • We also allow clients to sell their metals to us. We understand that you may have inherited your coins. We respect your coins’ history and want to provide you with a fair price and a thorough understanding of what you have. Integrity is at the heart of what we do.