Most coin dealers choose quantity over quality for the coins they offer. Often, customers buy cleaned or overpriced coins due to a combination of poor-market knowledge and sales pressure. Baxter Coins takes the opposite approach. I offer only handpicked, never cleaned, and thoughtfully selected coins. We believe that low margin & high volume beats high margin & low volume - 100% of the time. That means you can find the piece you love for a great rate. Please enjoy your time here.

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1840 1C Small Date MS62 Brown NGC. CAC.

Ex: Jules Reiver Collection

An estimated survival rate of just 4 specimens is believed to exist in MS62. This piece, in particular, rises to the top of the grade as shown by the CAC designation; only 1 of 2 coins to have the distinction. The coins' superiority is evinced by its inclusion in the coveted Jules Reiver collection - one of the finest early copper coinage sets ever assembled. 

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