Coin Collecting Basics

Welcome to Coin Collecting Basics!

Or, maybe you're a seasoned numismatist looking to brush up on the fundamentals. Whatever stage you find yourself in, this free course is designed for one thing: Enrich your life through the hobby/investment of coin collecting. We're happy you're here! 


In this course, we will walk you through the landscape of the coin collecting world and stop to examine the stories, people, and yes - coins that make-up this excellent activity.


With the completion of this course, you will can expect to learn and recognize:

1. Every major coin the United States ever issued. 

2. How to find excellent coins for your collection or investment portfolio.

3. A brief history of coin collecting up to the present day.

4. Third-party grading services and the grading system they use.

5. The specific criteria used to grade coins. 

6. How to sell your collection/ investment portfolio most effectively. 


This course is offered free of charge through our newsletter program. We will send each lesson to your email every Monday and Wednesday.